$8M settlement approved for 43 victims of convicted Detroit-area cancer doctor

Farid Fata gave unnecessary treatment to patients for insurance money

PONTIAC, Mich. – Dozens of civil cases involving a Detroit-area doctor who poisoned more than 500 patients through needless cancer treatments in order to collect millions from insurance companies have been settled. 

The 43 cases that claimed malpractice and fraud civil cases against Farid Fata have settled for $8 million, according to the attorneys representing the victims.


“There needs to be exceptions for gross misconduct. There are no exceptions for gross malpractice. There are no exceptions for situations like this. Michigan law is horrible and getting worse with respect to hospitals being liable for what happens within the walls of their institution,” said attorney Brian McKeen. 


The money will be held in an escrow account until it can be divided by an arbitrator in September and October.


Fata is serving 45 years in prison for convictions of fraud, money laundering and conspiracy. He was arrested in 2013.  His clinic, Michigan Hematology Oncology, had seven offices in the Detroit area and a related business that performed tests to look for cancer. 

Federal authorities have identified 553 victims, along with insurance companies. Medicare and insurers paid at least $17 million. A restitution fund of $11.7 million has been set aside for victims. 

Victims have until Oct. 5 to file a claim. Click here to learn how to file a claim. 

The Michigan State Medical Society, representing 15,000 physicians throughout the state,  wrote a letter to the Michigan Legislature voicing their concern for the human and environmental health impacts of coal tar based sealant and called on the Legislature to pass House Bill 5174 which would ban the product state wide.

The House Bill was introduced in December 2015 by Representative Kristy Pagan and is awaiting a hearing by the Natural Resource Committee.