St. Clair Shores families upset with 'Pokemon Go' players at park

Families say players at Wahby Park near homes play late into night

ST. CLAIR SHORES, Mich. – Families in St. Clair Shores said they've had enough and want the city to do something about all the people playing "Pokemon Go" in their neighborhood.

Some of those families told Local 4 News the "Pokemon Go" players are out of control and are out at a park near their homes playing late into the night. They're upset that Wahby Park on Jefferson between Nine and 10 Mile roads is left in a mess night after night.

It's the same park where a few players were ticketed earlier this month.

Neighbors said sometimes there are as many as 500 cars near the park.

As "Pokemon Go" grows in popularity, so do the number of visitors to the park. The game lets players capture, battle and train virtual creatures in the real world.

Wahbee Park alone has twelve Pokespots. But people who live there are not entertained by the hundreds who visit.

Scott Dodich said some players are rude and trespass on private property.

Once police arrived, the crowds cleared, but homeowners predicted the players would be back.

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