Owner of 1978 Corvette devastated after car is stolen from Woodward Dream Cruise

Kelly Robinson has owned the beloved classic car for nearly two decades

Kelly Robinson went to the Woodward Dream Cruise thinking it was going to be a pleasant event and an appropriate place to bring her beloved 1978 custom Corvette.

The relaxing weekend quickly turned tragic when Kelly said the car she has owned for nearly twenty years was stolen.

Kelly told Local 4 she was with family in Ferndale for the cruise and decided to park behind Rosie O’Grady’s so they could walk around town.

When the family returned, another car was parked in her spot.

Kelly said she desperately wants her Corvette back, and that she’s offering a reward for the return of the car.

“It’s a 1978 Corvette, I bought it when I was 23 years old. This is my 17th summer with it,” said a devastated Robinson. “I thought this was going to be something I’d have for the rest of my life and be able to pass down to my niece someday. I thought I was going to enjoy it for many more years to come."

If you believe you've seen the Corvette or have any information, call Ferndale police at (248) 541-3650