Video: Dogs attack teacher as he tries to protect students near Detroit school

Teacher tries to keep dogs away from children

DETROIT – Video obtained by Local 4 shows the danger a group of dogs pose to students and teachers at J.E. Clark Preparatory Academy on Detroit's east side.

Three dogs that appear to be pit bulls. They were seen attacking anyone they could Wednesday.

The video shows the pack of dogs attacking a teacher who was trying to protect the children from the dogs.

Cars and minivans tried to separate the teacher from the dogs, and some people tried to run over the dogs.

Children were hurried away from the danger. Their screams can be heard in the background of the cellphone video posted above.

Local 4 showed the video to a Detroit Public Schools official, who said she knew nothing about the attack until after seeing the video.

UPDATE: The dogs have been taken into custody by Animal Control.

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