Southgate neighborhood on high alert after pit bull attacks woman, kills dog

A neighborhood in Southgate is on the lookout for a white pit bull after the dog attacked a woman and killed her dog. The concern is high as the attack happened right next to Fordline Elementary School.

Diane Peters was walking her dog, Scooter, Sunday afternoon as she had been doing for the last six years. When Peters turned a corner, she said a white pit bull almost immediately charged at her.

"He knocked me down, and bit my arm and my face and he just took my dog right out of my arms." she said.
A neighbor nearby ran to the rescue and kicked the dog off Peters.

"I knew once I saw this happening I had to do something about it. I mean, I thought, my kids are seeing this, so it was a moment of how am I going to stop this from happening and I ran out there and did my best." said Ron Brewer, the rescuing neighbor.

The vicious dog ran away after being kicked by Brewer, and Peters was taken to urgent care. Peters’ 6-year-old Papillon, scooter, was taken to the animal hospital, but it was too late.

"Ripped out the kidney, ripped out the stomach, ripped out the intestine. They couldn't save him. The damage was too great." said Peters. "I have five grandkids and they're devastated."

Brewer and the rest of the neighborhood are on high alert until the pit bull is caught. Animal Control has followed some leads, but has yet to find the vicious animal.

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