Grosse Pointe Park restaurant, former site of Bob Bashara's apartment, destroyed by fire

Site was former home of Bob Bashara's infamous sex dungeon

GROSSE POINTE PARK, Mich. – A restaurant building with upstairs apartments in Grosse Pointe Park was destroyed by fire Sunday morning. 

The building, which was formerly owned by Bob Bashara, the Grosse Pointe Park man convicted of murdering his wife, caught fire on Sunday morning. 

The restaurant now occupied by Rockefellers Oysters, located at the corner of Mack Avenue and Nottingham Road in the Park, was fully engulfed with flames at 6 a.m. Firefighters battled the five-alarm farm into the morning. 

Reports from the scene said the fire started in an apartment above the restaurant and spread through the building. Authorities say it started with a space heater. The apartment tenant tried to put the fire out, but was forced to call for help when it spread out of control. Authorities are not investigating this as a possible case of arson.

The fire started around 5:30 a.m. and the flames have since been extinguished. 

Authorities said the building is a total loss but authorities say no injuries were reported.

Bashara owned the building and operated a sex dungeon out of the basement of the building, which at the time housed Dylan's Raw Bar and The Hard Luck Cafe. 

Bashara was convicted in 2014 of killing his wife, Jane Bashara. 

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Firefighters worked for hours Sunday morning to knock down the five-alarm fire. Photo/Pete Koenig

The fire started in an upstairs apartment and spread through the building. Photo/Pete Koenig

The fire was reportedly out by 9:30 a.m. Authorities say the building is a total loss.