Clinton Township Shih Tzu owners charged with animal torture after rescue

Dog was blind, covered in feces, and had untreated broken back legs

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CLINTON TOWNSHIP – Three suspects allegedly tortured an animal after their dog was found suffering last week, authorities said. 

Christopher Penn, 36, Sonja Sturdivant, 49, and Demico Knight Jr., 21 were the co-owners of a Shih Tzu who was rescued from severe abuse on Halloween, according to officials. 

According to the veterinary workers who provided emergency care, the dog is blind in one eye, had developed mats that completely covered it's face and was covered in dirt and feces, preventing air flow to the dog’s skin.

The dog is suffering from old injuries involving broken back legs that were left untreated, and is missing a foot.

“From within, we should feel a sacred duty to nurture the animals in our care and shield them from harm,” said Macomb County prosecutor Eric Smith. “Cruelty and neglect on this scale shocks us to the core, and rest assured we will hold them accountable.”

The group will be arraigned in 41B District Court in Clinton Township.