Damaging testimony given in Mateen Cleaves sex assault case

Cleaves accused of sexually assaulting 24-year-old woman

Former Michigan State basketball star Mateen Cleaves soon could learn if he will stand trial on rape charges.

Damaging testimony was given in court Tuesday during a preliminary exam. Cleaves is accused of sexually assaulting a 24-year-old woman following a golf outing in 2015.

On Tuesday, a gas station attendant who saw Cleaves and his accuser around the time of the alleged assault took the stand. He said the woman did not appear to be afraid of Cleaves. 

From the courtroom: 

Lawyer: There was nothing that she said when she was asking about this phone that said, "I need this phone right now!"

Witness: No, it wasn't presented to me as an emergency. 

The hearing will continue for the next two days. 

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