What's happening in Syria? How can we help?

After news spread of the established control and welcomed cease fire in Syria’s war torn Aleppo, many around the globe have been asking the same question – how can we help? First, we take a quick look into the history of the war which left a city which was once home to over 2 million, in destruction. 

What happened in Aleppo?

Aleppo, which was once untouched by rebel forces and government militia, has now become a major battleground with fighting between those loyal to President Bashar al-Assad and the rebel militia groups who want to overthrow him.

The rebel groups, made up of thousands of civilians, work on financial aid from the United States, Saudi Arabia and Turkey while the government militants have created a force consisting of thousands of fighters from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Pakistan.

Food, fuel, and medical supplies are hard to find in the war-torn city, yet 100,000 people are still trapped within the carnage as the city is completely under siege.

According to reports by CNN, more than 430,000 people have died in Syria since the beginning of the war and all hospitals in East Aleppo have been destroyed or are no longer operating.

Word of the reality of Syrians spread rapidly Monday after it came to light that 82 civilians, many of those women and children, were shot dead by pro-Syrian government forces.

What Tuesday meant for the war-torn city:

According to CNN journalist and resident Karam al-Masri, residents in Aleppo were notified of the evacuation via text messages sent from rebel leaders.

Reports  indicate a cease fire and evacuation agreement was successfully reached on Tuesday.

How can we help?

Flipping through photos of destruction, barefoot, bloody and dazed children can lead most of us wondering the same thing - how can we help from where we are? Luckily, there are numerous avenues and notable charities which help those affected in the war-torn areas of Aleppo. 

White Helmets 

The White Helmet group is undoubtedly the most well-known group in Syria. This is because the White Helmets work directly on the frontline and in the direct path of danger to rescue trapped families who got caught up in the conflict.

To learn more about the volunteers who make up the White Helmets and to donate, click here.


Responding to humanitarian crisis’ around the globe, Rescue.org has helped more than 23 million people around the world including over 9,000 refugees who have resettled in other areas outside of their war-torn hometowns. The organization has otherwise provided services to over 36,000 refugees and other victims of human rights atrocities.  

Click here to view their website.

Hand in Hand for Syria 

This non-profit based in the UK takes emergency aid directly to those living in harsh and deadly conditions in Syria. Hand in Hand provides families in need with food, water, clothing and medical aid.

Find out more about Hand in Hand for Syria here.

Mercy USA

Mercy-USA is a non-profit geared toward providing stoves and eco-friendly fuel to families in Syria. The organization focuses on vital essentials for warmth and food for over 35,000 people when temperatures dip.

Learn more about Mercy USA and the other projects they’re involved with here.

British Red Cross

The British Red Cross has a central group focused on those who have been trapped in numerous broken cities in Syria. The organization helps provide food, water, blankets, soap, and other vital essentials.

Find out more and donate to the British Red Cross here

Doctors without borders 

Numerous volunteers with Doctors Without Borders have lost their lives while rendering aid to those affected in war-torn Syria. This has not stopped the organization from doing what they set out to do – to save lives of those caught up in the conflict. Funds are crucial, as many of the hospitals in Aleppo have since been destroyed by air strikes. 

Donate to Doctors Without Borders here.