Volunteers brave bitter cold in hopes of learning more about Sterling Heights man's killer

Jamiel Jackson, 19, killed in December 2014

DETROIT – Volunteers braved the bitter cold Thursday to canvass a neighborhood on Detroit's west side in hopes of catching the killer of a promising young man.

Jamiel Jackson, 19, was killed in December 2014, and police believe he lost his life over a cellphone.

Jeanette Jackson stood Thursday in the spot where her son's body was found nearly two years ago.

"He'd been shot," Jackson said. "Shot in the head. We've been seeking answers (about) who did this to Jamiel. Who did this to him?"

Jackson and a team of community activists returned to the scene of the murder at Tyler Street and Broadstreet Avenue on Detroit's west side. They hope to shed more light on what happened.

Jamiel Jackson was from Sterling Heights. He was visiting a friend in Detroit when the shooting happened.

"We are calling on the community today," Jackson said. "Help us. Anything you have, we need to know. This is (an) active and ongoing investigation."

Police need a tip to lead them to the killer. The family has been spending its own money on a private investigators from Novi to help in the case.

"We know there are more people that know about this case," Timothy Gilbert said. "There is a lot more information that people know."

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