Fraser sinkhole: Crews work around the clock

FRASER, Mich. – Mark Allen snapped a few photos along 15 Mile Road in Fraser, where he went to see the house sinking into the ground. 

"I'm surprised that it happened again. Since the first one in 2004 they've been working on the drainage system quite a bit," he said. 

The sinkhole in 2004 affected only the road. This new sinkhole has forced families from 22 homes to evacuate. A sewer drain 45 feet below the surface of the ground collapsed, severely damaging at least one home and putting two others at risk. The entire neighborhood has been evacuated until further notice. 

MDEQ: Fraser sinkhole 'underscores importance of infrastructure improvements'

"It's got to be horrible around Christmas," said Allen. "It really does."

The timeline to get this entire problem fixed will keep some families away for a month and others almost a year. Mayor Joe Nichols said the ground hasn't moved much since Saturday. 

Video: Fraser sinkhole explanation

"The engineers have maintained it's stability. It hasn't show signs it will give ... wait and see," said the mayor. 

The whole block has been shut down. 

Allen remembers how inconvenient it was in 2004, and he wonders how this could go unnoticed. 

"Not sure if it's the same problem or not. It's kind of distressing seeing a house now sinking," he said. 

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