Officials take good look at pipe that caused Fraser sinkhole

FRASER, Mich. – Sunday marked Day 9 of the Fraser sinkhole nightmare.

Candice Miller officially took over Macomb County Public Works Sunday. She said she'll be taking a good look at the busted sewer pipe that caused the the sinkhole.

"So the pipe itself is suspect," Miller said. "(It was) installed in poor soil conditions."

On Christmas Eve, a home started to fall into the sinkhole, which was caused by a busted sewer line.

It's an 11-foot pipe, 45 feet underground, that cracked and is leaking raw sewage, which eroded the ground, causing the sinkhole.

It's had problems twice before -- in 1978 and 2004.

It has been inspected, but not since 2010.

"If you've already had red flags, maybe you ought to inspect it more than that," Miller said.

One of the major questions is: Who is going to pay for all this? That's to be determined possibly through federal, state and definitely local funds.

Homeowners are wondering if they will be taken care of financially.

"I don't suspect homeowners will be left in the dark, with the damage that was done to their homes," Miller said. "I seriously think somehow they're going to be recouped for those costs."

The actual work continues around the clock, with wastewater being pumped out of the ground and bypass pumps going in.

Inside the command center, plans are constantly evolving.

Since residents' only way in or out is gone, an access road to give them access into Eberlein has finally been created.

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