Assault rifle, $25K worth of alcohol stolen from Detroit liquor store

Men robbed Detroit liquor store twice in same night

DETROIT – Thieves broke into a liquor store Wednesday on Detroit's west side twice in the same night. The thieves were caught on camera clearing the shelves of high-end liquor.

Most importantly, the men also took a loaded AR-15 with 30 rounds in it. Now, the weapon is on the streets.

The robbery happened at 4 a.m. Wednesday. They dumped bottles of Ace of Spades, Patron and Grey Goose into several garbage bins and pried into the registers to steal cash. They also took several cartons of cigarettes.

Owner Anthony Moshe said he's most frustrated by the men returning 45 minutes after the first incident to clean the business out of at least $25,000 worth of alcohol.

"It's crazy," Moshe said. "How can you survive out here when you have break-ins that basically cleared your whole store out?"

He's also concerned about the gun.

"I'm concerned somebody might get hurt," Moshe said.

The alarms went off, but the owners said Detroit police weren't quick to respond.

"Crazy thing about it is the cops show up four hors later," Moshe said. "We've got an alarm for a reason."

Now Moshe is questioning if it's worth it to stick around.

"Really, there's nothing more we can do," Moshe said. "Maybe just grab our stuff and maybe leave. What's there to do?"

Although the robbery is troubling, the biggest concern is still the weapon that's out on the streets.

"I'm concerned it might (be) escalated," Moshe said. "I don't know where it may go. It's a rifle. It's an AR-15. An AR-15 can do anything (in) 30 rounds."

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