Viral video of Miami attempted murder proven fake

MIAMI – It was a story that was too good to be true... unfortunately, it was.

Thursday morning, social media was abuzz over a video that allegedly showed a South Florida woman surprising her cheating significant other inside a hotel room on Valentine's Day.

Using a key card, the woman makes her way to the bathroom, and feigns surprise at seeing the love of her life and another man in the bathtub. The woman then attempts to electrocute both men by throwing a plugged-in radio into the tub.

The men are seen shaking after supposedly being riddled with electrical currents.

What made the video all the more titillating was that the scorned woman had reportedly broadcast it on Facebook Live.

Many of the posts claimed the woman in the video was Acesha Bright, a woman charged in Miami Gardens for attempted murder on Feb 11.  The posts even included Bright's police report.

But Bright was not the woman in the video.

The first tip that things didn't jibe were the dates. If Bright was arrested Feb. 11, how could she have surprised her husband or boyfriend and his lover on Valentine's Day?

The second tip-off? Well, let's just say that while it can not be classified as Oscar-worthy, the acting in the video seemed a little too off.  Again, no Meryls or Denzels were found in the scene.

So while the video captured the attention of all who saw it, it simply proved the point that, once again, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

As for Bright, her charges stem from an incident in which she allegedly drove down and rammed into her boyfriend as he was walking outside.