Why are high winds knocking over so many trees in Metro Detroit?

DETROIT – High winds are knocking out power and knocking down trees around Michigan on Wednesday.

If you feel like you're seeing more trees and branches blowing over than usual, you're right.

DTE says the unusually warm weather this winter has made the ground softer than usual, causing trees to be uprooted more easily.

So, what do you do if a tree falls in your yard? Here's how it works in Detroit:

Priority is given to fallen trees that are blocking streets or on top of homes and vehicles. The City’s forestry crews will focus on trees that were rooted on city property or blocking streets and sidewalks.

How to determine if a tree is the city’s property or private property:
If the fallen tree is located between the curb and the sidewalk of a home, it is the responsibility of the city and city crews will address them.  To report a fallen tree on city property, residents should call (313) 628-0900 or fill out a form posted on this website.

If the tree is between the sidewalk and the house or in a backyard, it is on private property and is the responsibility of the homeowner, who should contact their insurance company or a private contractor.  If the tree fell from private property but is blocking the street, residents should still call the city at (313) 628-0900.

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