New owner of former Bob Bashara sex dungeon shares plans for Grosse Pointe building's future

GROSSE POINTE, MICH.The remnants of a two-story Grosse Pointe Park building that once housed the infamous Bob Bashara sex dungeon and was gutted by a fire last year, creating an eyesore in the area, is no longer standing.

The house's sordid past was revealed during a murder trial three years ago. Bashara used the basement of the Hard Luck Lounge as a sex dungeon. On Sunday, that basement was demolished.

"Whatever I heard about the Bashara past is gone and he's not in the picture anymore," said Elias Zedan, who is rebuilding Bashara's former building.

Zedan bought the property from a bank in 2013 for $450,000. Estimated to be worth $1.5 million, the businessman saw an opportunity, but a massive fire last October gutted the place.

"Something unexpected sometimes happens for a good reason," Zedan said.

Following the fire, a parking lot will now be paved over the former sex dungeon, and a new restaurant will open at the old Rockefellers.

The property became infamous after the 2012 murder of Bob's wife Jane Bashara.

"Master Bob," as he became known in his inner circle, used the basement for BDSM parties.

Prosecutors said Bashara had his wife killed so he could pursue an alternative lifestyle.

"I think people will be excited about something new coming to the area," Zedan said. "People want to see something different and go to a new place."

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