Mom of 3-year-old killed by falling table at school in Dearborn Heights shares her story

Tabatha Kerr is grief-stricken and still in shock three months after the death of her 3-year-old daughter. 

Lilliana Kerr was killed Jan. 20 after a lunch table fell on top of her while attending the Head Start program at St. Albert's Church in Dearborn Heights. She leaves behind a twin sister, a brother and a mother searching for answers.

Tabatha Kerr is speaking out now to share Lilliana's story, hoping it may prevent similar tragedies. On Jan. 20 a table fell out of its wall casing at St. Albert's and landed on top of Lilliana, killing her. The twins' bond was broken. Everything is broken for Tabatha. 

"I have to live with it every day. My kids have to live with it every day. My family has to live with it every day. While the world goes on, she's 6 feet in the ground," said Tabatha.

The mother said Lilliana's twin won't even play with her toys anymore. 

"When she starts, she then stops, says she wants her sissy and she goes and sits down," Tabatha said. 

Police called it a terrible accident. Tabatha said it wasn't intentional, but it could have been prevented. 

"It's still negligence, it's just easier to call it an accident," she said. 

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The mother tries to keep it together every day for the kids. 

"No one should have to live through this," she said. 

Lilliana is not the first child to die from a collapsing wall table. It's happened several times. Thousands of the tables remain in schools across the country. 

Stay with the Local 4 Defenders for more on the investigation into these tables.