Detroit mother in custody after 8-year-old boy mauled by family's pit bulls

8-year-old boy listed as stable in hospital

DETROIT – An 8-year-old boy is recovering Tuesday in Children's Hospital after he was attacked by two of his family's dogs.

Police said the young boy was left home around 5 p.m. Tuesday with two other young children -- ages 6 and 9 -- and the family's two pit bulls. The dogs mauled the boy so badly he had to be transported to the hospital for treatment.

The children's mother has been arrested as police pursue child neglect charges.

Officials said the boy's injuries are painful, but not life-threatening. He's listed as stable.

Viewer video captured one of the dogs being removed from the house and taken away by animal control. You can see that video below.

Police said the three children were in the house with the animals when two pit bulls attacked the 8-year-old boy.

"It's a shame," neighbor Dennis Williams said. "It's an awful shame. I don't understand people and their animals. They get these dogs and they think these dogs are just going to take care of themselves."

Neighbors said the dogs were usually fenced in and not running around the neighborhood. They said there had been puppies in the house.

"She had some of the cutest puppies," Williams said. "You wanted to see the grown parents. They always had those under control and I'd see the kids with the animals on occasion."

It's unclear why the adult dogs attacked the child, police said. Officials said the children's mother was taken into custody because she had left the children home alone while she picked up a fourth child at day care.

When she returned home, she found the 8-year-old boy seriously injured.

"The owner needs to take heed of what type of animal they all have and what training they're giving the animal because it's sad a child got hurt because of the owner," Williams said. "I can't blame the animal for it's behavior. It's the owner."

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