Detroit riverfront residents fed up with drag races, loud music, marijuana at night

Residents say loud noise persists all night

DETROIT – The development along the Detroit riverfront is a welcome sign for most, but residents living there said the increased activity is affecting their quality of life, and they're taking their complaints to the city.

Residents said once the riverwalk closes, visitors aren't going home. Instead, they're hanging out in front of the homes of people who now live downtown.

It's rare for David Sprague to step out on his balcony at Orleans Landing despite the great view.

"We're planning on finding some place else to live," Sprague said. "It's that bad."

Sprague and others said they're dealing with people who hang out nightly after the riverwalk closes.

"It's just noise nonstop with motorcycles, music and loud cars," Sprague said.

Since moving a month ago, the riverwalk has turned into a rough spot to call home, with people loitering at all hours of the night.

"They don't leave here until 3-4 in the morning," David Banks said.

The marks on streets are remnants of what they hear constantly.

"It's the Daytona 500," Joe Banks said. "You have black skid marks in the middle of the street."

They told police what's going on, but little gets done to move the crowds along.

"We have to start giving out some tickets and let them know (to) turn down your music, these people live here," Joe Banks said.

"We've experienced a high volume of calls," Detroit Councilwoman Mary Sheffield said.

Sheffield told Local 4 it's not just Orleans Landing experiencing the problem. Residents at Harbourtown are complaining of the same riverwalk problems.

"We can make as many laws as we want," Sheffield said. "We can put signs down there, but if the police and city are not enforcing it, that's when we have an issue."

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