Detroit firefighter accused of assaulting Livonia police officers at his home on complaint

Michael Cretu charged with misdemeanors

LIVONIA, Mich. – A Detroit firefighter is accused of attacking Livonia police officers who responded to his home because of a neighbor's complaint.

Police said Michael Cretu was uncooperative from the moment they knocked on his door. He is accused of ordering the officers where to stand, and grabbing one of the officer's by the wrist.

Officers took Cretu down, but they said the firefighter still wouldn't follow orders.

Police responded to Cretu's home on a complaint that he was flicking cigarette butts into a neighbor's garage. The neighbor called police during a verbal argument with Cretu.

Cretu was first charged with two five-year felony counts of assaulting police officers, but once prosecutors saw video of the incident, they said they don't believe Cretu bit one of the officers. They allowed a plea deal on misdemeanor charges.

Cretus' wife is an assistant Wayne County prosecutor.

"Since she was not involved in the incident, she would have no involvement or input in any aspect of the case," Wayne County Prosecutor spokesperson Maria Miller said. "Because she is not in a supervisory position in the office, there was no conflict of interest with our handling of the case."

Cretu was not at home Thursday when Local 4 went to ask him for his side of the story.

The Detroit Fire Department called Local 4 and said they will launch an investigation into the incident. It's possible Cretu will be disciplined by the DFD.

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