Southfield native who moved to Houston stuck in Harvey's aftermath

Angela Norman describes living with effects of Harvey

HOUSTON – A Southfield native who recently moved to Houston spoke with Local 4 about what she's endured the last week as the effects of Harvey devastated Texas.

"It's the most fearful I've ever been in my life," Angela Norman said.

Norman said she tried driving when Harvey hit, but she quickly realized getting back to her apartment was going to be nearly impossible.

"I had to keep rerouting myself," Norman said. "Everywhere I went, there was flooded roads."

The flooded roads surrounded Norman's Impala.

"You can still see the water marks on my car," she said.

Norman decided to desert her car and walk -- more like tread -- through the waters.

"The water was maybe up to my hip," Norman said.

Thousands of images of Harvey's impact have shown people standing waist deep in flooded streets. Norman said she was in the same situation.

"It was frightening because people got swept away from the current in the water," Norman said.

She said the only thing that kept her going was the thought of getting to dry land.

"I was trying to hold on to whatever I could as I was walking, so I tried to stay to the side where there were gates," Norman said. "At no point did I know what was in the water because we have snakes here in Houston."

It took Norman nearly two hours to go just 2 miles in the floodwaters.

"I had to take multiple breaks," Norman said.

As she got closer to her apartment, she pulled out her soaked cellphone and recorded the remainder of her journey. The video shows cars barely getting through, but Norman made it.

Norman said she moved to Texas a little more than a year ago to make a better life for herself, but her Metro Detroit background refused to give up.

"We don't give up," Norman said. "We go through a lot, but you've got to keep on moving forward."

Norman said she was lucky because her apartment wasn't damaged by water.