Lockdown lifted at Macomb County Community College after report of armed man

Students locked in classrooms for 3 hours during search for gunman

A lockdown was lifted at Macomb County Community College after officials couldn't find a reported gunman. (WDIV)
A lockdown was lifted at Macomb County Community College after officials couldn't find a reported gunman. (WDIV)

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich.Macomb County Community College was on lockdown for about three hours Tuesday after a man with a gun was sighted near the Center Campus off Hall Road near Garfield Road.

Students were locked in their classrooms after a Henry Ford doctor told police he saw a man with an automatic rifle.

"My first thought was to text my mother and say goodbye, just in case," one student said.

Students at Macomb County Community College rushed to their vehicles after the lockdown was lifted.

"It was kind of scary, hearing all these helicopters and the noises and all that," a student said. " You don't know what to think, like, he could be outside the building you're at, or you don't know where he is because they can't find him."

For nearly three hours, students stayed in classrooms, turned off the lights and locked the doors as police searched for the gunman.

"There were a few students that were on the floor, pretty scared," a student said. "The teacher tried to help us stay calm."

The doctor called police around 6 p.m. Tuesday and said that he had seen a man with an assault rifle walking near the wooded area on the southwest corner of campus.

"We read, like, something that said, 'Active,' and then we all started kind of tripping out," a student said.

As word about the situation trickled out, concerned parents waited for their children in the parking lot.

"It's scary," one parent said. "It's my baby girl."

"Even though she may joke about it a little bit, we know that she's fearful of just walking from that area to her car, which is right over there" a parent said. "So yeah, we have a lot of concern."

Police didn't find the gunman and called off the search around 9 p.m. Tuesday.

"You just don't really know," a parent said. "It could've been a kid out there with an airsoft gun. It could have been a kid out hunting. Who knows? There's a lot of possibilities."

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