Inkster police officer pays for tow truck to fix woman's flat tire

Officer Tony Squirewell helps resident with flat tire on Michigan Avenue

INKSTER, Mich. – Police officers take a vow to protect and serve, and one Inkster officer filled a woman with joy while on the job.

Officer Tony Squirewell came across Lakeesha Matthews as she was trying to fix a flat tire on busy Michigan Avenue.

"She was trying to jack up the car," Squirewell said. "They had this jack that just really wasn't working."

Squirewell was working and did more than just block traffic from the cars speeding by.

"She was in a very dangerous situation," Squirewell said.

"What he did was the unthinkable, and that's where all the kindness started from that point," Matthews said.

Squirewell said they didn't have the tools for the fix, so he called a tow truck to change the tire and paid the bill. He said he didn't view it as a big deal.

"I knew we weren't going to get it done with the equipment that we had," Squirewell said. "So I just called a tow truck and got the tire changed."

Matthews was overwhelmed by the gesture.

"Stopping, for one," she said. "Then you turned around and paid the driver for changing my tire. Not a lot of people would do that."

Matthews sent Squirewell a card and whipped up a lemon cake and cookies for the entire Inkster Police Department.

"Home-baked goods, that's from the soul, of kindness" Matthews said.

"What I did for her was no big deal," Squirewell said.

The gesture of thanks from Matthews left those on the force appreciative.

"It just lets me know people still do care," Squirewell said. "Police these days are seen in such a bad, dark light, and to see some can appreciate what we do -- it was heartwarming."

You can watch Jermont Terry's full story in the video posted above.