Members of Michigan delegation respond to calls for Rep. John Conyers to resign

Conyers remains hospitalized

DETROIT – As many Democrats call for Rep. John Conyers to resign from Congress amid sexual harassment allegations, some members of Michigan's delegation are weighing in on the matter.

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Rep. Debbie Dingell's husband, John, gave Conyers his start. Now the congresswomen is calling for his resignation.

"I couldn't look like a woman that had a double standard. This man has done great things and these allegations are disturbing. When the delegation had called for it, I'm just struggling. I'm really struggling. I'm not sleeping," she said.

Dingell believes the sexual harassment issue in Washington, D.C. is far bigger than Conyers.

Other members of Congress from Michigan aren't offering much input.

Rep. Brenda Lawrence said that no one can force Conyers to resign.

"We can go on camera all day and say, 'He should resign, he should resign,' but you know what? Not a single member of Congress can force him to resign. That is something he has to do independently, and right now he's in a hospital," Lawrence said.

Lawrence co-sponsored a bill that is going through the House that would require annual sexual harassment training for everyone in the government. She is also pushing to make the names of members of Congress who make sexual harassment settlements public.

Michigan's Republican representations have been mostly quiet about the Conyers matter, but Rep. Paul Mitchell said that these kinds of tough decisions are what leadership is all about.

"These reports are troubling and if they're accurate, in my opinion, the congressman should do the right thing and decide to retire. At this point in time, it's his choice. He understands it's real or not," Mitchell said.

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