Police presence, unsupervised kids could be reviewed at Detroit Noel Nights, Chief Craig says

Detroit Police Chief James Craig talks with Local 4 at Noel Night after three people were shot on Dec. 2, 2017 during the annual event.

DETROIT – More police officers are likely at future Noel Nights, Chief James Craig said Saturday night from the scene of a shooting at the annual event in Detroit's Midtown neighborhood

Craig said there was "significant" police presence at this year's event, but, after the shooting, staffing levels likely will increase next year. 

"It’s not to the level that we would have during some of our summer events," Craig said in an interview with Local 4's Priya Mann. "Of course, things tend to be a little slower in the winter months. So going forward we’ll probably staff significantly higher for this."

Craig also suggested officials may need to review unsupervised children at the event. While little was known about the suspects or circumstances that led to the shooting, he said officers noticed parents dropping off kids at Noel Night. 

"One of the things we have seen here tonight (is) lots of young children here without parental supervision," Craig said. "Parents dropped their kids off, probably at the Science Museum, for a festive night. Not being critical, just saying we have to rethink -- this is about public safety."   

Despite Saturday's shooting, Craig encouraged the public to attend city events. 

"Continue to participate in the activities in the city," he said. "I would tell you the city is safer. I’d like to say this is an anomaly. I’m disappointed. We’ve gone through large scale events year round. This is the first time I’ve been here at a Noel event we’ve had a shooting." 

Watch the full interview below: 

DPD Chief Craig: two people shot in Midtown during Noel Night

Posted by Priya Mann on Saturday, December 2, 2017

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