Friends find man fatally shot, dog hurt inside home on Detroit's east side

Man's body found in home on Promenade Street near East Outer Drive

DETROIT – A man was found shot to death Thursday inside his home on Detroit's east side.

Police said the man's body was discovered by his friends at the home on Promenade Street south of East Outer Drive. The victim's dog also had been shot.

Residents of the east-side neighborhood were in shock as a massive homicide investigation unfolded throughout Thursday morning. Officials said the man's friends came around 8 a.m. to pick him up for breakfast.

When they got to the home, the front door was shattered, and they could see blood, officials said.

"They called to have him to come out," Detroit police Capt. Mark Thornton said. "Obviously, there was no response."

Police confirmed the man, who is believed to have been around 50 years old, had been fatally shot.

As homicide investigators swarmed the area, Animal Control officials were also called because one of the man's two dogs had been shot.

"There were a couple of dogs that were inside," Thornton said. "It looks like one dog was actually injured, as well. We're not allowing anybody or anything into the scene because we don't want to contaminate it. We want to make sure that we're able to get all the evidence that we can because it is a homicide scene at this particular point in time."

Investigators are now going door to door, asking neighbors if they saw or heard anything, or if they have cameras that might have captured video of the killer.

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