Metro Detroit potholes: You can report potholes to MDOT or the city of Detroit here

Winter weather brings potholes to Southeast Michigan

DETROIT – Pothole season is already here in Metro Detroit, as winter weather clashes with temperatures near 50 degrees!

If you want to report a pothole, you can do so through the Improve Detroit app, or on the Michigan Department of Transportation website.

Click here to report a pothole to MDOT.

Here's information from the city of Detroit on the Improve Detroit app:

Residents and others can report potholes using the city’s Improve Detroit application available for free on smart phones through Google Play and the Apple Store, depending on your type of phone.

The app was launched in 2015 and, last year, users reported nearly 49,000 issues, ranging from abandoned vehicles to downed trees and missing or nonworking traffic sings and lights. Since Improve Detroit’s debut, the city has responded to more than 70,000 complaints reported through the app.

DPW crews responded to more than 3,100 pothole reports through the app in 2017. The average time to fix a pothole reported through Improve Detroit was three days.

"When not performing snow removal activities, our roads repair crews will be working daily to repair potholes as quickly as possible," said DPW Director Ron Brundidge. "Major improvements to the worst City roads over the last four years, including 100 miles of City roads being paved last year, have gotten us to a position where potholes are not as plentiful and can be repaired in a shorter period of time. We encourage our residents to use the Improve Detroit app to ensure that the pothole location is immediately sent to the Streets Division that performs the repairs."

If you want to report potholes through the city's web site, click here.

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