Protest rally held over death of man in Westland jail 4 hours after arrest

Family demands answers after William Marshall's death

WESTLAND, Mich. – People gathered Friday at the Westland Police Department to protest the death of a man who died while in police custody.

William Marshall was arrested by Westland police on Dec. 10 and taken to jail. He was dead four hours later.

Marshall's family is demanding answers after they said he repeatedly asked to be taken to the hospital.

Attorney Karri Mitchell says EMS was called but as EMS tried to take Marshall to the hospital, police wouldn't allow it.

"He died because he was refused medical attention," Mitchell said. "What's so egregious about this situation is that EMS was called, and EMS was refused to take the prisoner to the hospital."

Mitchell claims it took a second call to EMS for help to arrive, but he said Marshall died in his jail cell.

Westland Police Chief Jeff Jedrusik told a much different story.

"While in custody, he started to complain he was having some medical issues," Jedrusik said. "We had the Westland Fire Department come to the station. Eventually, he was transported to the hospital. Unfortunately, he passed away at the hospital."

Police said Marshall was arrested for driving on a suspended license and possession of marijuana and cocaine.

Marshall's brother was at the protest rally Friday.

"My brother was refused medical attention," Demon Marshall said. "He was a caring man. He was loving father and a loving son."

The cause of death is still unknown.