Mother of Bianca Jones pleads for public to keep searching for child 6 years after her disappearance

Bianca Jones believes her child is still alive

DETROIT – In December 2011, 2-year-old Bianca Jones disappeared.

Her father, D'andre Lane, told police he was carjacked and the baby was in the back seat when the car was taken. The vehicle was recovered, but Bianca wasn't. Nine months after the disappearance, he was convicted of murder.

However, Bianca's body was never found. Six years later, more than half a dozen people, including Bianca's mother and three eyewitnesses, have come forward to say that they believe she is still alive.

Phojoe created an age progression photo that shows what Bianca may look like today.

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"My daughter's out there. I'm going to find her. I'm going to bring her home," Banika Jones said.

She fears that her daughter may have been sold.

"I hope that if somebody sold her, they sold her to a family that wanted the kid, and if they hid her somewhere, they hid her with somebody that's taking good care of her," Jones said. "I just hope that one day that person will decide that it's time to tell the truth."

Several people claim they saw Bianca alive after she was allegedly killed. The baby's cousin claims he saw her the next morning, while a retired Detroit police officer said she saw the child alive eight days later.

"This child is alive and I'm telling you she is," retired officer Niki Gibbs said.

A private investigator said he also saw Bianca, nine months after her supposed death.

"I recognized her right off the bat," Mike Salisbury said.

Jones continues to plead for the public and police to keep an eye out for Bianca, who would be 8 today.

Police and prosecutors still believe that Bianca is dead and that her father killed her, while her family believes she is alive and wants help finding her.

The Defenders have set up a special anonymous tip line. Anyone with information about Bianca's death or whereabouts is asked to contact Kevin Dietz at 313-222-0691 or