WATCH: Day 2 of victims addressing former doctor Larry Nassar at sentencing in sexual abuse cases

Over 100 victims expected to speak at sentencing

LANSING, Mich. – Over 100 victims are expected to appear and speak during the sentencing hearing for former gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar who has plead guilty to several counts of sexual abuse and assault.

Nassar has plead guilty to abusing young girls for decades. His main sentencing hearing started on Tuesday and is expected to last at least four days with nearly 100 victims speaking. 

LIVE STREAM: Sentencing, victim statements expected in Larry Nassar case

WATCH: Day 1 of victims addressing former doctor Larry Nassar at sentencing in sexual abuse cases

Below you'll find victim statements as they are being made. This list will be updated throughout the day. (Warning: Strong, disturbing language in videos)

Gina Nichols read her daughter’s statement to the court. Her daughter, Maggie Nichols, was revealed to be “Athlete A” last week.

“He contacted me on Facebook, complimenting and telling me how beautiful I was,” Nichols statement said. “I was only 15 and I thought he was just trying to be nice to me. Now I believe this was all part of the groom process.”

After reading her daughter’s statement, Gina Nichols spoke on her own behalf.

“You’re not a doctor at all,” Nichols said. “You are a serial child molester and a pedophile.”

Watch her statement below:

Tiffany Thomas Lopez told Nassar his attempts to silence his victims were futile.

“You and your actions have walked with me every step of the way since leaving Michigan State University,” Lopez said. “The army you chose in the late 90s to silence me, to dismiss me and my attempts at speaking the truth will not prevail over the army you created when violating us.”

Watch her statement below:

Jeanette Antolin said told the court that becoming a mother has taught her about the profound responsibility for adults to keep children safe and how Nassar is a disgusting father.

“He gained our trust with his likability and his compassion, but little did I know, that behind his good-guy façade, there was a monster preying on innocent victims such as myself,” Antolin said.

Watch her statement below:

Amanda Thomashow said Nassar’s well-known widely respected title made it difficult to recognize the red flags.

“I knew he was a praised doctor, a healer of Olympic gymnasts, he was the miracle worker Larry Nassar, and he had just abused me on his appointment table,” Thomashow said.

Watch her statement below: 

Gwen Anderson braved through tears to thank the court for allowing each victim to speak at the sentencing hearing. Anderson is a middle school teacher and discussed the trust children have in adults.

“Every single day when I look at them, I am faced with the reality of how young and defenseless we were,” Anderson said. 

One of Anderson’s coaches stood behind her as she spoke. He had harsh words for Nassar and was given a chance to speak. 

Watch both of their statements below: 

Amanda Barterian explained to the judge that she didn’t understand the severity of Nassar’s actions as a child.

“Nassar used his position and his authority to take advantage of me and so many young and innocent children,” Barterian said. 

Watch her statement below:

Jaime Doski started seeing Nassar at age 12 for back pain. She told the court about when the news broke about the case against Nassar.

“I trusted him and he used that to manipulate me,” Doski said. “I hope Larry gets what he deserves.”

Watch her statement below:

Jenelle Moul told Nassar that he is a monster and explained how her daughters want to become gymnasts, but that she fears for them.

“You must pay for what you have done so that changes happen within this community so that my young daughters may never feel the hurt and turmoil you have caused,” Moul said. 

Watch her statement below:

Madeleine Jones, of Farmington Hills, addressed the court via video conference as her semester is underway at Boston College. She read a statement written by her mother and then her own statement.

“I stand before the court today not as a victim or a statistic, but as a woman with goals, ambitions and dreams made significantly more difficult to achieve given the severe trauma I suffered at the hands of Larry Nassar,” Jones said. “Because of me, you are going to jail for the rest of your life.”

Watch her statement below:


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