McDonald's employee in Dearborn shot with paintball gun while working

Woman hit in face with paintball while working

DEARBORN, Mich. – A woman was shot in the face with a paintball gun while she was working at a McDonald's restaurant in Dearborn.

Kivona, 25, still has a mark on her cheek from the paintball, and she said it's painfully swollen.

"I was opening up the window to get money," Kivona said. "I didn't know he was going to shoot me in the face."

Kivona said she was shot in the face by an angry customer just after 1 a.m. Monday at the McDonald's on Michigan Avenue at Gully Road.

She said he asked for an ice cream and a frappe, but both machines were being cleaned at the time.

"It's tough because people think we're lying about the machines and everything, and it's not our fault," Kivona said. "It's the truth."

Kivona said the irritated man ordered 10 chicken nuggets and some sandwiches, but when he pulled up and Kivona opened the window, he fired the paintball gun.

"I had my hand out and he had the gun out like this, and he shot me (at) close range," Kivona said.

Kivona is worried she'll be blamed for the incident.

"People think it's my fault and I did something wrong and it's, like, my customer service," Kivona said. "It's not my fault he decided he wanted to shoot me in the face with a paintball gun."

She said she's praying for the customer and the safety of other fast-food workers.

"What if it was a gun?" Kivona said. "What if it was a real weapon and I had gotten hurt? I could have died."

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