Detroit family searching for answers after stray pit bull enters yard, attacks family dog

Family says police didn't come to home

DETROIT – A Detroit family wants answers after a stray pit bull attacked their dog Sunday in their own backyard.

The family called for help, but the family said the help was delayed.

Zelda West said the pit bull came in their backyard through an entryway and attacked their family dog. 

“I was scared. I was like, he was about to kill my dog,” Zelda said.

There were frightening moments for both Zelda and her husband, Lawrence West. They were inside their home when they heard their dog barking.

“Then the bark got real aggressive, like 'argh, argh,' Next thing you know, my husband came downstairs, the dog was out here fighting on my dog, a stray pit bull,” Zelda said.

She said the pit left the bite marks on her black lab. She immediately called police. 

“I called 911. I asked if I could shoot the dog. They said no," she said. "You guys showed up. I’m like why is Channel 4 here, like Channel 4 beat the police here."

The family called the police again in an hour. Police didn’t show up while Local 4 was on the scene and the pit bull was still in the backyard.

“It could have went really south because the dog could have turned on us,” Zelda said.

Local 4 reached out to animal control and police, but have not received a response.