Man returns stolen phone after victim posts video of theft on social media

Chad Greene posts video of gas station phone thief online

WYANDOTTE, Mich. – A man was caught on camera stealing a phone, and when the owner posted the video online, the thief suddenly had a change of heart.

Chad Greene said he accidentally left his phone on the counter when he paid for gas Thursday at a gas station on Third Street in Wyandotte.

For four days, Greene's phone was in someone else's hands after it was snatched off the counter at the gas station. Video shows a man with a child walking up to the counter after Greene and slowly placing his forearm over the phone.

The man walked out of the gas station with the phone in his pocket.

"Who would teach their child that it's OK to just take things?" Greene asked. "That's what got me. Who would do this with their child? It may not even be his child. I don't know."

Greene was so upset he convinced the gas station owner to give him a copy of the surveillance video. He posted it online, showing the man's face, hoping someone would recognize him. Greene posted a phone number so the thief could call him.

The man called and insisted he had not stolen the phone. He wanted to return it. Greene agreed to meet the man to get his phone back, and now it's in his hands. He said the internet saved him from purchasing a $600 replacement.

You can watch Jermont Terry's full story in the video posted above.


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