Waterford Township middle school teacher on leave after inappropriate comment, touching


WATERFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A Pierce Middle School teacher is on leave Friday after allegations he made an inappropriate comment after he sat on a child's lap during a field trip.

The school district is working to figure out what was said and done, but the seventh-grader's mother said the teacher crossed a line and is furious over what happened to her 12-year-old son.

While students were on a school bus, heading to a field trip, a teacher allegedly sat on the student's lap.

"It doesn't matter that his body, that's a violation of his personal space." K. Green said. "That's a teacher; this is a child." 

But it's what the teacher said when Green's son questioned the teacher that raised more red flags for her.

"He proceeded to say 'Quit whining. You know you liked it. I've been waiting to do this for five months,'" Green said. 

Classes started five months ago and the mother is now questioning the teacher's intentions.

"Sitting on his lap was already inappropriate. Then you say that. It made it 10 times worse," Green said.

She originally contacted Pierce Middle School officials and waited, but claims the Waterford School District didn't take her complaint seriously until she got police involved. The district said the teacher is currently on leave while it investigates the matter, but would not say when the investigation started or how long the teacher has been on leave.

The mother hopes the investigation looks into whether there have been incidents involving other students.