Fatal collision with Detroit fire engine leaves family with questions

'It hurts,' husband says

DETROIT – A woman passed away Sunday after a collision with a Detroit fire engine left her in a coma for four months.

On Dec. 4, 2017 India Sullivan's car was crushed on 7 Mile Road when it was struck by a fire engine. She has been in intensive care in a coma until Sunday when she succumbed to her injuries.

Harold Sullivan, her husband of 34 years, said he still can't believe he has yet to hear from anyone with the Detroit Fire Department or the Detroit Police Department about what happened.

"It really hurts that the fire department never came to say anything, police officers never came out to the house," Sullivan said. "No investigators came to the house to say anything to me. That hurts also, too."

Sullivan said a police report he looked at indicates his wife pulled out in front of the fire engine, but he still has questions.

Fire Commissioner Eric Jones said the truck had it's lights and sirens on at the time and that he feels for the family. He said Detroit police will now investigate the crash as a fatal accident.

"Now that she passed, it does hurt that they are not showing any compassion," Sullivan said.

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