Rescued shelter dog joins Dearborn Heights Fire Department

DEARBORN HEIGHTS, Mich. – An Australian cattle dog, commonly known as a blue heeler, has joined the Dearborn Heights Fire Department just weeks before she's due for surgery.

It’s a meet and greet like no other at the Dearborn Heights Fire Department. The dog’s name is Blue Bell and she's full of excitement.

"The humane society let us know they had Blue Bell and she needed a place to stay for a couple of months before she had surgery and we thought we would be a great fit for her,” said Dearborn Heights Fire Chief David Brogan. 

It’s a great fit that is noticed right away; however, Blue Bell and the Dearborn Heights Firefighters' partnership is currently temporary.

"There have been lots of studies about therapy dogs, the effect of stress on firefighters and then coming back and having a dog," Brogan said. "A lot of departments have actually gone back to bringing dogs to the station just for this purpose, so this is a good way to try it out and help Blue Bell out and hopefully help the guys out as well."

Shaun Bailey ,with the Michigan Humane Society, said over they have helped over 2,000 families over the past year, but nothing like this. 

"It’s very unique for us, this is a first fire department that we worked with," Bailey said. "Blue Bell was actually a transfer from an out of state partner who was a little bit overwhelmed with the pets that they have."

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