Residents fed up with trains blocking roadway in Woodhaven

Injured man stuck at train tracks in ambulance for 20 minutes

WOODHAVEN, Mich. – After an injured man in need of critical care got stuck in an ambulance due to a stopped train, a Woodhaven family is sounding off about the issue of trains blocking the roadway.

Last spring, Robert Eliason's father, Avrid, lost his balance, hit his head and had a brain bleed. The ambulance his father was in got stuck for 20 minutes in Woodhaven waiting for a train that was blocking the road.

"Needless to say, he didn't make it," Eliason said. "He might be here today."

The issue of trains blocking Van Horn, Allen and Fort roads each day for extended periods of time has reached a boiling point for 500,000 people who live downriver.

"Last week, it cut the city in half," Woodhaven Mayor Patricia Odette said. "All crossings were tied up for three hours."

Odette is urging Wayne County, which is in charge of Van Horn Road, to help find funds to build an underpass. She even put up signs for people to call the county.

"We are ready to get going," Odette said.

Police used to ticket the trains, but now the trains are protected and medical officials have to find ways around them.


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