Dog undergoes emergency surgery after being found with serious injuries on Detroit's west side

Pit mastiff mix undergoes emergency surgery

DETROIT – A dog rescued in Detroit was found with some of the worst injuries that long-time dog advocates have seen.

The pit mastiff mix has undergone emergency surgery, and officials with Detroit Pit Crew Rescue are hoping he'll pull through. His injuries were so severe, he was incapable of moving.

The 2- to 3-year-old dog was lying in a patch of grass on Detroit's west side when animal rescue officials found him.

“Today was a first for me,” Detroit Pit Crew Rescue’s Theresa Sumpter said. “I have never, ever, ever rescued a live animal that had that many maggots on him. We couldn't visually see him, but we could smell him before we found him.”

In describing his injuries, officials said the dog has a neck that looks like hamburger, a mouth that is one big gaping wound and various gashes all over him.

He was rushed to the Centerline Animal Hospital for emergency treatment. The vets there sprang into action. He’s cleaned and patched up, but it’s unclear if he’ll survive.

So far, the surgery total is a little more than $1,500 and the Rescue is fundraising to help pay the bill. Donations can be directly called into Centerline Animal Hospital. They’re waiting on his heartworm test to see if he’s positive or negative. 

The hope is that he will recover fully and find a family that loves him and is generous with treats.

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