Man saves stranger's life when he stops breathing while golfing in Sterling Heights

Luke West performs CPR, restarts Jack Grusso's heart

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. – While golfing in Sterling Heights two weeks ago, a man stopped breathing and fell to the ground.

Jack Grusso and his friend were paired up with two men they didn't know, Luke West and his cousin.

Halfway through the course, Grusso started feeling funny, so he took a nitro, but on the 15th hole, he fell down and stopped breathing. West, who works in the medical field, jumped into action, performing CPR for nearly five minutes.

"I felt for a pulse, didn't feel anything, so we turned him and started chest compressions. I had my cousin grab ice to put on his head. I knew it was hot," West said.

West's compressions restarted the 77-year-old's heart.

West was honored Thursday by the city of Sterling Heights for his lifesaving efforts. He received a challenge coin that all police officers in the department carry with them, and Grusso received a survivors coin from the fire department.

"You're my hero, my guardian angel," Grusso told West.