Detroit smash-and-grabs: Thieves steal ATM from restaurant, burn getaway truck miles away

Truck smashes through Royal Grill on city's west side

DETROIT – Another Detroit business fell victim to a smash-and-grab theft early Tuesday.

Police said four thieves used a truck to smash into Royal Grill on Livernois Avenue on the city's west side just after 4 a.m. They stole an ATM and fled the scene. It is unknown how much cash was taken, police said.

Their getaway truck was found burned miles from the scene, police said.

"I'm lost and confused. I don't know what to do," Caprice Hicks said. "Hopefully they get it back up in a few days and I come to work and everybody will be back happy, but this is ridiculous and it shouldn't happen."

Hicks was supposed to start waitressing Tuesday at Royal Grill, but now the restaurant is closed after the thieves left a huge mess behind.

The restaurant is the latest to be hit by a series of smash-and-grabs that have been targeting Detroit businesses. Police don't know if the group responsible is the same group that's been hitting liquor stores.

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