Cedar Point provides safe atmosphere for guests with autism during Autism Awareness Week

New sensory room, sensory-friendly live entertainment and more

SANDUSKY, Ohio – In partnership with the Autism Society of America, Autism Awareness Week at Cedar Point is this week, and there are new features at the roller coaster park that are safe and friendly toward guests with autism.

A new sensory room was added in the park earlier this year, and it is a great place for guests with autism to go during Autism Awareness Week. The room provides a quiet area for families and sensory tools to interact with. It also features soft and calming color tones, special lighting and seating. You can receive a "sensory pack" that includes headphones, fidget toys, non-verbal communication cards and weighted lap blankets. The room is available to all guests.

Along with the sensory room, other quiet spaces are available. These places include the FrontierTown First Aid, the Family Care Center in Planet Snoopy, Town Hall Museum in FrontierTown and guest services.

There are also sensory-friendly live performances set for this week. Entertainment is provided by Charlie Brown's Funtime Frolics, Snoopy's Sing-a-Long, The Peanuts Block Party, The Swell Tones, Traildust Trio, Bluegrass Jamboree and The Tomfooleries. 

Gluten-free food options are provided at the park, as well. You can find gluten-free food at Coasters Drive-In, Round Up, Mr. Potato, Sidewinder Sue's and other restaurants.

Cedar Point has also provided a list of locations that use strobe lighting and other lighting effects. These places include GateKeeper, Millennium Force, the Jack Aldrich Theatre and Palace Theatre.

You can download a handout that has all the information you need by clicking here. For additional help on specific questions, click here.