Firefighter on disability makes house fire rescue on Detroit's west side

Fire breaks out at home near West Parkway, Keeler streets

DETROIT – A fire broke out Wednesday at a home on West Parkway and Keeler streets north of Rouge Park on Detroit's west side.

Several people were inside the home when the fire erupted, officials said.

A firefighter who's on disability happened to be driving through the area.

"I saw some smoke and knew it was an occupied dwelling," Clyde Jackson said. "We got out and checked to see if it was occupied, and it was. So we did our best to get everybody out as quickly and safely as possible, and no one got hurt. DFD has done a great job training guys. They do a great job of training us, and I'm happy I was able to help someone today."

Even though he's on disability, Jackson rushed into the home to help get the citizens out of danger.

"I love the city of Detroit," Jackson said. "I love the Detroit Fire Department and I'm glad I was able to help somebody, man. I thank God for the training I've received from the Detroit Fire Department. We did something good today."

A woman was rescued, along with three tanks of oxygen.

Officials are still investigating how the fire started.

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