Alleged mastermind among people arraigned for massive Wayne County theft ring

Nafez Mohammed released on bail


CANTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – The alleged mastermind of a Canton Township crime ring specializing in stolen goods was among the people who faced a judge Tuesday in court.

A half-million dollars' worth of stolen goods was found in storage units, a warehouse and homes in Detroit and Dearborn earlier this month. Investigators said it's evidence of an organized theft ring.

The crime ring spans several months and involves at least five people.

On Tuesday afternoon, the accused ringleader was among those who faced a judge. But one of the defendants, arrested for stealing the merchandise, told the judge she had no idea her crimes were part of a bigger ring.

Earlier this month, Sky 4 was over a storage facility in Dearborn where investigators recovered more than $500,000 in stolen merchandise. Prosecutors said the items were taken from CVS and Walgreens stores throughout Wayne County.

"This type of crime is the reason businesses in Wayne County and other counties cannot operate," prosecuting attorney Fadwa Hammoud said.

The accused ringleader is Nafez Mohammed. He's the only person who was released on bail.

Mohammed faces more than 30 charges, including organized retail crime. He is accused of filling the storage unit with the stolen items before reselling them online.

Prosecutors said Mohammed had up to four people going into the stores taking anything they could grab. They believe Victoria Henderson was one of them.

"She barely missed a day, sometimes attacking businesses seven times a day," Hammoud said.

Now Henderson is behind bars and facing more than 50 charges. She told the courtroom she didn't know about the crime ring.

"I didn't know nothing about no organized crime because I'm by myself," Henderson said.

In her arraignment, Henderson claims she worked with detectives to bring down Mohammed.

"I was promised not to go to jail as long as they got Mohammed," Henderson said.

Now Mohammed has bonded out, and Henderson is among those still behind bars with bail they can't afford.

"Can you please lower my bond, your honor?" Henderson asked. "I don't have $5,000. I have seven kids."

It took more than two hours to get everyone arraigned. Valencia Davie and Deon Davie from Detroit were also charged in the case.

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