School staffers in Ferndale undergo training on tourniquets, wound packing

training includes tourniquet application, wound packing, sealing gunshot wounds

FERNDALE, Mich. – School staffers in Ferndale are undergoing training that officials say is absolutely necessary to keep students safe. 

Faculty in the Ferndale Public School District are training on "Jacob's Kit," named after a South Carolina boy who was shot and suffered a wound during a school shooting. He survived the wound but died three days later due to blood loss. 

"It's scary we have to take the time to learn this but appreciative because it just prepares us in the circumstance if something does happen."

Everyone from bus drivers to principles took part in the training with local police and fire teams. 

The training includes tourniquet application, wound packing and sealing a gunshot wound. 

"If you're not getting lifesaving measures on these wounds in 15 minutes it's going to be too late for a lot of people," said Ferndale Fire Chief Vince Palazolo.

The Ferndale department used foreifiture funds to pay for nearly 250 kits. Each kit includes bandages, a tourniquet and scissors.

"It is sad but I applaud the district for acknowledging it could happen and properly preparing."

Each kit costs $50 and every classroom in the district will have one. 

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