Video captures armed carjacking in Detroit's Lafayette Park neighborhood

"Get on the ground or we'll shoot"

DETROIT – A man was carjacked at gunpoint by two men at an apartment complex in Lafayette Park Saturday.

Demmond Penabell was crossing a parking lot at City Place Apartments at around 3:30 p.m.when a carjacker shoved a gun into his face.

Penabell was carjacked days after a Thursday automobile theft at an Eastside Detroit gas station. 

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"Looking into a barrel, it felt like forever," Penabell said.

Penabell was shoved to the ground.

"One guy pulled out a gun. Tells me to 'get on ground or we'll shoot.'"

One of the alleged attackers took Penabell's keys and ran toward the vehicle. The other lost his flip-flops during the chase, paused to put them back on, and then fled the scene in a red Escalade.

"That's when I was yelling for help, but no one was out there," Penabell said.

The carjackers followed the victim to the lot next to Lafayette Park.

"I was terrified, thought I'd be shot," Penabell said. "I was just thinking to myself, do I have enough time to run and get help, and what would happen to my family when they found out."

They waited for him to start walking and while he was busy looking at his phone, they pounced.

"I want these guys caught," Penabell said. "They had no remorse. This was daylight. They were on a mission. I work hard for my stuff. They just want whatever they can get fast."

Anyone who recognizes the two men or has information regarding the crime is asked to call 800-242-HEAT. 

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