Mother, father and daughter killed in Eastpointe fire

Oldest daughter survived fire


An Eastpointe family is preparing to bury three of its loved ones.


A house fire that happened Saturday morning claimed the lives of a father, mother and daughter. The oldest child of the family is the only one who survived. 


The burned structure is a constant reminder for Joey Zago. It reminds him of what happened to his best friend Steve, his wife Jasmina and their daughter Anja Radosavac.


Zago is trying to stay strong but says it is hard.  


“I stood up in their wedding. I was the godfather for the family, 20 years ago. They were married for years and they were just awesome people,” Zago said.


Police said the family of four was inside the home when it caught on fire Saturday morning. Both Steve and Jasmina died in the fire. The two daughters made it out, but Monday, 13-year old Anja died from her injuries. 


“It didn’t look good, going into it. We were all hoping for a miracle. We knew it was not in the doctor’s hand at that point,” Zago said.


He was there when the oldest daughter Mia learned the news. 


“Everybody is having a hard time for the most part. Everyone is trying to keep it together and be supportive of Mia.  She just lost her kid sister and best friend Anja," Zago said. 


A GoFundMe account has been created for the family.