Pickup truck hits crowd at minimum wage rally in Flint

8 taken to hospital, in good condition

FLINT, Mich. – A minimum wage rally in Flint never got off the ground because of a traffic crash that left some marchers injured.

The fight for $15 minimum wage rally began early and members met at Dort Highway Union Building.

READPickup truck slams into crowd of 'Fight For $15' protesters in Flint, injuring 9 people

The march began northbound on the very busy Dort Highway. Marchers did not have flashlights, reflective vests, a permit or police supervision.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer and Flint Mayor Karen Weaver were waiting at a McDonald's.

The rally was canceled after a truck crashed into marchers.

A pickup truck driver didn't see the crowd and skidded on wet pavement sideways, hitting eight participants at the rally. Police and ambulances moved in almost immediately.

Weaver held an afternoon news conference to discuss the incident.

"I didn't see anything because I was in the front, actually Gretchen Whitmer and I were in the front and the next thing I knew we heard sirens and we saw ambulances and police cars."

"I would say that we were gathering peacefully; we were moving towards the McDonald's the police cruisers had blocked the street for us. Three other cars turned around, it was all good," said Mary Kay Henry, National Service Employees international union president.

Eight people were transported to a hospital; they are all listed as in good condition.

The Flint police chief said the rally did not have a permit and he would have liked to have been warned about the plans a day in advance to make better provisions to protect the marchers.

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