Anonymous letter tells investigators where to find fetuses at Cantrell Funeral Home in Detroit

Letter provides specific instructions to fetal remains hidden in ceiling

DETROIT – An anonymous letter was responsible for leading investigators to fetuses hidden in the ceiling of the Cantrell Funeral Home in Detroit.

The tip exposed the horrors hidden in the ceiling. Local 4 has learned what was inside that anonymous letter, which told investigators where the bodies were hidden. The letter was obtained by the Detroit News in a Freedom of Information Act request.

The letter contained specific step-by-step instructions that led state investigators to the remains of 11 infants hidden in the ceiling.

According to the Detroit News, the unsigned letter started with, “I am writing in an attempt to help you deal with a serious situation."

In the letter, the tipster alleged a former employee left behind a bunch of infant corpses and was trying to break in to get them. The writer also said the employee forged hundreds of death certificates and other documents.

Local 4 reported in April 2018 that state investigators inspected Cantrell Funeral Home and found bodies stored improperly inside.

"When you go through the front door off of (Mack Avenue), there is a red chapel to your left," the one-page letter said, according to the Detroit News. "If you go to your right through the opposite sliding doors, you will end up in a hallway. Go to your right and there's a little storage room area. If you look above the door there's a crawl space and she has several infant corpse(s) placed back there dating back from over 10 years ago."

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