3 students charged in brawl at Fitzgerald High School in Warren

School staff plans meeting to discuss safety concerns

WARREN, Mich. – Charges have come down for teens in connection with a brawl last week at Fitzgerald High School in Warren.

The fight was captured on cellphone video and shows one teen getting kicked while on the ground. Three teens are facing charges.

"These type of situations do happen, and when they do happen we're not gonna tolerate this type of behavior," said Warren police commissioner Bill Dwyer.

Dwyer said a 17-year-old girl and two 16-year-old boys are in trouble. The 17-year-old is facing assault and disorderly conduct charges as an adult. The 16-year-olds are facing charges in juvenile court.

"It's a big deal when the school resource officers, part of his team, two of his team was (were) injured," Dwyer said.

Fitzgerald High School is the same school where 16-year-old Dayana Gibson was stabbed to death in September. The brawl is now calling the school's safety into question, but Dwyer said it shouldn't be.

"Fitzgerald is no different from any other school in this state. Over 95 percent of the students are there to learn," he said. "We want to make sure the school is safe for the students to learn. That's what they're there for." 

The school's staff is planning to meet with parents soon to discuss their concerns.

The Fitzgerald brawl had serious consequences for three students, and Dwyer wants the students to know that if it happens again, there could be even more serious consequences.

"If it happens again, we're gonna probably come down harder this time than we did last time," he said. 

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