2 arrested, staff member assaulted in brawl at Fitzgerald High School in Warren

Student stabbed to death in classroom in September

By Jermont Terry - Reporter, Kayla Clarke

WARREN, Mich. - A brawl broke out at the same high school where a student was stabbed to death earlier this year.

UPDATE: Warren teenagers charged with inciting a riot after massive schoolyard fight

Cellphone video showed nearly two dozen students fighting outside Warren Fitzgerald High School. The video also shows a staff member try to break up the fight.

The fight started in the courtyard of the high school. It began as a fight between two students and ended with nearly 20 students viciously stomping on a boy and his sister. It led to multiple arrests.

Some students watched, but many participated in the assault. Fitzgerald High School freshman Djoka Juncaj was at the bottom of the pile of students, as was his sister. Djoka said the fight started with one senior jumping him.

"I've watched the video over and over again and I'm watching someone kick my kids in the head," Jennie Juncaj, Djoka's mother, said.

"Once we got on the ground, that's when 15-20 (people) jumped in," Djoka said. "It was punches from every angle. I could barely get up."

The fight left the Fitzgerald student with injuries from the attack.

"My nose, my hand, they were stomping on my arms and legs. They stomped on my head. It was random, it was like 20 people just stomping me," he said.

His mother didn't learn about the incident until officers brought Djoka and his sister home.

"Luckily, thank God, my kid is here talking to us right now," Juncaj said. "He could be dead."

Juncaj is insisting security at Fitzgerald High School hasn't improved since the fatal stabbing of another student inside a classroom in September.

"We have one officer to 2,000 kids," she said.

In the video, you can hear police sirens, but a teacher was also injured trying to stop the fight before officers arrived. Video also shows police taking one student into custody.

Warren police confirm they arrested multiple students connected to the teacher's injuries only.

"No one was arrested for my children being assaulted," Juncaj said.

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